Ghella, in JV, has been awarded two lots for the design and execution of the Campolattaro Dam project

October 9th 2023 - Ghella (as the leader) in joint venture with TunnelPro, Itinera, within the ASTM Group, RDR, and IdroAmbiente, has been awarded two of the three lots put out to tender for the design and execution of the works for the Campolattaro Dam, located in Campania, Italy.  The contract, promoted by the Campania Region, is worth about 410 million euros. Completion of the work will enable the enhancement of drinking water supply for more than 2.5 million people, as well as the irrigation of about 15,000 hectares for agricultural production.

The project is part of the seven national strategic interventions included in the “NRRP” (the National Recovery and Resiliency Plan, NRRP) and refers to one of the main reservoirs located in Italy’s Central South region. Once the project is terminated, branch networks will be articulated from the reservoir to bring water resources to municipalities in the area and other aqueducts, with the aim of ensuring the region’s water autonomy.

In particular, the first lot, whose value is approximately 277 million euros, will foresees the realization of a diversion tunnel of about 7.5 kilometers with a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), the construction of a drinking water treatment plant and a 30,000 cubic meters depositary reservoir. With the second lot, which is worth approximately 133 million euros, a potable adductor line will be built and the aqueducts in the area will be strengthened and integrated.